Réseau Syndical International de Solidarité et de Luttes

dimanche, 3 juillet 2022





Every year the 1 May, the International Workers Day, stands out as a reference for social mobilisations against the attacks of governments and capitalism.

The history of 1 May demands for it to be a day of mobilisations and of the reaffirmation of class struggle as the driving force behind radical social change all over the world.

The workers that struggled and were repressed and ultimately assassinated in 1886 in Chicago deserve more than celebrations. The memory of those who fell in the struggle against capital would be honoured by the uprising of the 99% of the population that lives exploited and oppressed by the capitalist system. Milestones like the 8-hour work day, which was achieved thanks to strikes that took place more than one hundred years ago, must encourage us to remain convinced that mobilisation and strikes are useful tools to attain rights for the working class.

All around the world, workers are facing precarity, the curtailing of rights won throughout history, the lack of decent public services, repression, misery, hunger, and the impossibility to mobilise against far-right governments and their neoliberal, racist, chauvinist and lesbian-, trans-, and homophobic policies that raise walls and promote discriminatory laws against the poorest.

The people who are most oppressed die as soon as the rates of violence increase. Similarly, social movements fighting against those attacks are criminalised and persecuted.

This 1 May will take place in a context of high polarisation of class struggle. Our initiatives must be urgently reaffirmed and internationalist struggle must be strengthened.

Our enemies are the same everywhere in the world. We shall stay together against them, together in the streets, at schools and universities, in the factories, in the rural areas and in the public spaces, together displaying our collective will to face the attacks of capital.