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dimanche, 7 août 2022



1 May : International Workers’ Day

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This May Day, like last year, is taking place in a very special health context. The COVID-19 pandemic is far from over. For more than a year now, governments have been taking a series of incoherent and dangerous decisions. Responding to the demands of employers, they have taken advantage of this to add liberticidal and anti-social measures.

We have been saying this since March 2020 : the capitalists did not invent the pandemic, but they are responsible for its tragic effects :
- By plundering for years certain regions of the world left without health infrastructure, equipment and personnel.
- By destroying public services where they existed.
- And because the very basis of the capitalist system is not to satisfy the needs of the people, but to fill the bank accounts of a tiny minority of exploiters. And this even in times of health crisis.

Maintaining the patent system on vaccines means choosing to condemn millions of people around the world to death. Vaccines are a public good and should be used as such. Pharmaceutical companies must be requisitioned and production must be under the control of workers.

The health context requires measures to protect the population. It must not be used as a pretext for laws, decrees and other liberticidal obligations.

Health care workers have led many struggles in various countries since last year. We need to publicise them and help coordinate and develop them. Other sectors are at the forefront of social struggles : all of us are under attack from bosses and governments whose aim is to safeguard the capitalist system. All over the world, our own objective is the opposite : to end capitalism and all oppressions.

The fight for democracy, the release of political prisoners, the right of peoples to self-determination also finds an echo in May Day.

The International Workers’ Day of Struggle on 1 May is an opportunity to recall the importance of the international solidarity of our social class. The member organisations of the International Trade Union Solidarity and Struggle Network are taking part in this. We hope that our fourth international meeting, scheduled to take place in Dijon (France) from 23 to 26 September, will enable us to take a further step in the construction of the common international tool needed by all the trade union forces that claim to be and practice an anti-capitalist, self-managing, democratic, ecologically sound trade unionism, self-managing, democratic, ecological, independent of employers and governments, internationalist, and fighting against all forms of oppression (machismo, racism, homophobia, xenophobia), a trade unionism that refers to workers’ democracy and workers’ self-organisation.