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jeudi, 11 août 2022



ARGENTINA Y FRANCE | Support the subway workers on strike

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Thursday, September 12th, the Asociación gremial de trabajadores del Subterráneo y Premetro (SUBTE/Metrodelegados) (Subway labor union at Buenos aires) has called a strike, against the closure of ticket offices closure at line E, for the defense of the public service, and for the improvement of working conditions of subway (Subte-Premetro) workers.

Friday, September 13th, Solidaires Groupe RATP, together with other RATP’s (Paris transports network) union organizations, call for all the employees of that public company, together with Métro workers, to go on strike. The defense of the pension system is the core demand, joining the interprofessional movement under construction about this topic.

At Buenos Aires, Paris, and other places, Subway workers are fighting against the harm that the capitalist system is inflicting to their working and living conditions and the destruction of the public service.

The organizations belonging to the Tracks Without Borders Net, and, more widely, to the International Labour Network of Solidarity and Struggles, reinforce their solidarity with all workers of Buenos Aires Subte and Paris Métro, that will be massively on strike.