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samedi, 28 mai 2022



Air sector : international trade union call

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As workers and union activists in the airline and airport sectors, first of all, we want to send our internationalist support and solidarity to all our colleagues who, despite the emergence of the coronavirus (Covid-19), are forced to continue working even more and with a lack or inadequacy of of safety devices, thus putting their own, their family health at risk, at the same time, we send our solidarity to all and all, especially the precarious people who, due to this crisis, are losing their jobs without a salary.

It is not the market that should decide !

We are absolutely aware of this strong crisis that the air and airport sector is experiencing, due to the health emergency (Covid-19), in which airlines are being forced (only in the midst of a crisis) to cut the operation by up to 95% . Since the beginning of the emergency, which had its first outbreak in the Wuhan region in China, there has been a reduction in activities.
There as been demands for safety devices (masks and gloves), until the claim for the closure of airports to commercial traffic. We were and still are not being heard, if today, there is a strong decrease in air traffic, it is only due to the reduced market demand (ticket sales) and not to a policy of blocking commercial flights to stop the spread of the virus (Covid -19).

You can’t keep working !

In full respect for health workers, as workers in the air-airport sector, we have been working without any protection since the beginning, in some cases with a total ban on the use of a mask and gloves while we continue to have direct contact with thousands of passengers inside airports and airplanes. All of this is irresponsible and unacceptable, there will be new provisions of laws, from various governments, on the subject of health and safety, which will grant the protection of workers and passengers health : only a real blockage of commercial traffic can guarantee protection health, ensuring only emergency flights (food transport, medicines, sick people, etc.) and flights to ensure family reunification and to repatration.

Workers should not pay for the crisis

Clearly, the momentary suspension of air traffic, for the maximum duration of the health emergency, should not be paid by workers in the air-airport sector, nor should it be paid by colleagues in the supply sector (cafeteria, cleaning, shops, bars, etc.), this crisis must be paid by those who, for decades, have profited from a constantly growing sector, which generates billions of euros in revenue every year, of which only a small part reaches workers. The crisis must be paid by the bosses and governments, who must guarantee stability and full wages for all workers in the sector, at this time of full crisis, and when we are ready to take off again.
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