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samedi, 28 mai 2022



Amazon : an employee dead at work

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On the night of 17-18 May, an employee working for Amazon in the Sadvady warehouse near Poznań died. Help arrived on the spot, almost an hour after the call from colleagues. The Inicjatywa Pracownicza union, a member of the International Trade Labor Network Solidarity and Struggle, deplores this death at work and denounces the responsibility of the Amazon bosses.

The worker killed at work was employed by a temporary employment agency. With regard to the temporary workers, Amazon is blackmailing the renewal of the contract : the rates are always hellish, in order to increase productivity ... even if it is at the expense of the health of the workers. The unsuitable work premises explain the delay in providing on-site assistance. With the pandemic, Amazon has imposed a change in the organization of work, without taking into account the experience of workers and their unions. Staff are required to wear masks for 10 hours a day, and this has consequences for those with respiratory problems.

The member organisations of the International Trade Union Solidarity and Struggle Network support Amazon workers in Poznan and other sites of the multinational. We support the international coordination set up by trade union organisations from Poland, France, Germany, the Spanish state and the United States. We demand that everything possible be done to establish responsibility for the death of Sadvady’s employee.