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mercredi, 25 mai 2022



Amazon : transnational workers’ meeting in Bad Hersfeld

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The fourteenth meeting of the Amazon Workers International network is taking place on 25, 26 and 27 March in Bad Hersfeld. Since 2015, Amazon workers from different countries and continents, Germany, Poland, France, Spain, Slovakia, Italy and the USA, have been meeting whenever possible.

These self-organised meetings by grassroots teams allow for the exchange of information, and work on common issues, such as managerial practice, working conditions, physical risks, health protection...

In recent months, a policy of trade union repression on the part of Amazon has been particularly noticeable, in Poznan, Poland a staff representative of the OZZ-IP union was dismissed while investigating the death of a worker at his workplace, near Lyon, France, a worker was dismissed because of his proximity to the SUD union, while in Bessemer, USA, the group is still trying to block the establishment of a union.

In Europe, the war is striking again and Russia’s military attack on Ukraine is also highlighting the conditions of Ukrainian workers who work for Amazon in warehouses, especially in Poland, and as truck drivers in subcontracting companies.

Several of the union present in Amazon warehouses are members of our International Labor Network of Solidarity and Struggle and participate in the Amazon Workers International meetings. The International Labor Network of Solidarity and Struggle would like to relay and support this initiative of Amazon workers.