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mercredi, 18 mai 2022



April 2, 2022 : International day for the release of Georges Abdallah - General mobilization !

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  • Because George Abdallah is an Arab resistance fighter, a Lebanese communist who fought against the invasion of his country, Lebanon, by the troops of the Zionist occupier and because resistance is a right !
  • Because George Abdallah is a fighter for the just cause of national liberation of the Palestinian people, he has never denied his fight for a free Palestine from the sea to the Jordan River and because Palestine will live, Palestine will win !
  • Because George Abdallah is a political prisoner hostage of the imperialist-Zionist policy of imprisonment or mass liquidation of activists of the Palestinian cause and more broadly of revolutionaries and because revolutionary political prisoners are the torches of resistance.
  • Because Georges Abdallah is our comrade and we fully recognize ourselves in his unwavering internationalist revolutionary commitment to the end of colonialism throughout the world, to the end of capitalism and exploitation and in support of the struggle of peoples against all oppressions.
  • Because Georges Abdallah - a whole life of struggle - combines in himself all the struggles and all the anti-Zionist, anti-imperialist, anti-capitalist, anti-fascist resistances as well as resistance against the Arab reactionary states and that today, strong with this political line with clear contours and without any concession on the principles, we refuse the spiral of their imperialist wars and their strategy of chaos : their wars, our deaths ! We refuse the unbridled race of their dying capitalist system and all its barbarity : capital makes war on us ! War on capital ! We refuse all the forms of their fascism, which has entered the campaign with full force and is distilled in intravenous media : fascism - "not the opposite of democracy but its evolution in times of crisis" (Brecht) - is gangrene : you either cut it off or you die ! We demand war on their class war, by the people, of the people, for the people.
  • Because George Abdallah is no longer just a symbol for revolutionaries around the world, but a symbol of the unanimously recognized resistance whose release everyone demands in the name of the just and legitimate right to revolt and resist.
  • Because Georges Abdallah - one of the oldest prisoners in Europe, detained in France since 1984 - does not surrender, faces his 38 years of detention and remains standing in the face of the prison hell that is the "small eternity of life imprisonment" ; because he has been releasable for 23 years and he must be released !
  • Because since the end of 2012, when the French justice gave, for the second time, a favorable opinion to the release of Georges Abdallah, no minister of the Interior, since then, has agreed to sign the expulsion order conditioning his release while Lebanon is now ready to welcome him ; because he must sign !
  • Because on February 10th, the Administrative Court of Paris rejected the request filed by Georges Abdallah’s lawyer to enjoin the current French Minister of Interior, Gérard Darmanin, to sign this decree and because Darmanin, we will not give up !
  • Because the refusal by the French state to release Georges Abdallah is a political decision and the fight for his release must, therefore, be conducted mainly on the ground of political struggle so that his incarceration begins to weigh more heavily than the possible threats inherent in his release.
  • Because on the ground of struggles, everywhere in France and internationally, the mobilization to make known the situation and the fight of Georges Abdallah and to demand his release, does not cease to amplify but it is imperative to always increase this movement and because it is together and only together, in the diversity of our expressions, that we will win !
  • Because, Georges Abdallah, your comrades are there ! We call on all the forces committed to the liberation of Georges Abdallah to make April 2, 2022 - the birthday of our comrade - the international day for the liberation of Georges Abdallah.
  • May a thousand initiatives, on this day, flourish everywhere in France and internationally to make visible, by this new great time of coordinated struggles, the demand for the release of our comrade. From Albertville to Aubagne, from Bordeaux to Grenay, from Grenoble to Lille, from Lyon to Marseille, from Montpellier to Nanterre, from Nîmes to Paris, from Pau to Saint-Denis, from Saint-Etienne to Tarbes, from Toulouse to Ajaccio, from Finistère to Gers, from Lot-et-Garonne to Pas-de-Calais, from Poitou-Charentes to Puy-de-Dôme, from Algeria to Germany, from Ireland to Argentina, from Belgium to Brazil, from Canada to Spain, from Greece to India, from Italy to Lebanon, from Morocco to occupied Palestine, from Peru to Turkey and Tunisia, everywhere in France and in the world, on this April 2, 2022, let us decree the general mobilization for Georges Abdallah !
  • General mobilization ! This is the cry, at a time when all antagonisms enter into direct confrontation, thrown in all barracks, on all TV sets, in all hemicycles and taken up in chorus by all the dupes of the 8 o’clock news on all the squares of Europe - their cry of general mobilization for their dirty war of their repartition of the world. General mobilization ! This is the cry that we must oppose them to make our determination to resist heard with one voice, which inevitably passes by the liberation of our comrade.
  • « Solidarity, inscribed in the dynamics of the ongoing struggles, is a weapon that breaks the chains of isolation behind the abominable walls and allows the incarcerated comrades to transcend their conditions of detention to effectively join the movement as revolutionary protagonists operating in the special conditions that are theirs. »(Georges Abdallah)
  • Because Georges Abdallah is Georges Abdallah, general mobilization for his release, for victory or victory !

Solidarity is our weapon ! Freedom for Georges Abdallah !
For a new great leap forward ! Let’s amplify, coordinate and intensify the mobilization for the release of Georges Abdallah !
One, two, three, thousand initiatives, on April 2, 2022, for the international day for the release of Georges Abdallah !


Paris, March 05, 2022
Unitary Campaign for the Release of Georges Abdallah