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jeudi, 7 juillet 2022



April 28th : General Strike Day In Defense Of Retirement And Labor Rights !

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Temer government intends - with labour and social security reforms, as well as with outsourcing law, already sanctioned - to lead working people to casual working conditions and to take away the right to retirement.

We know that Brazilian workers struggle against social security and labor reforms is part of the same working class mobilization in Latin America, USA, Europe and Asia against the austerity plans carried out by neo-liberal governments.

Workers in Brazil will not give up social security and labor rights.

Demonstrations and strikes that took place in Brazil on March 15 showed the potential for the stronger national strike in recent years in Brazil called jointly by all labor federations channeling people’s indignation.

On that day, protests with hundreds of thousands took up the streets of various cities and capitals of our country. People rising against social security reform, Temer administration and corruption.

On March 31, thousands took the streets again. That day was called by labor unions as a national day of action to strengthen and build General Strike on April 28.

Therefore CSP-Conlutas took part in these demonstrations with significant class columns and made the call for General Strike.

"April 28, let’s stop Brazil"

With this statement labor unions decided the next step to unified national mobilization against social security and labor reforms and against the outsourcing law.

While April 28 doesn’t come - General Strike day - we will organize protests, stoppages and activities about this government attacks

CSP-Conlutas calls for the formation of open committees to fight against reforms, in neighborhoods, schools, workplaces, at home or even by different labor categories.

For this purpose, CSP-Conlutas continues to promote assemblies, plenary sessions and debates that, in addition to preparing the one-day General Strike, vote or have direct action against any type of negotiation to reform and incorporate all the flags mentioned above.

Let’s stop Brazil ! Let’s organize the general strike in workplaces, schools, streets !

April 28th is General Strike !