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jeudi, 18 août 2022



Autoworkers Meeting of ILNSS

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Leading automakers enterprises and carmakers in general are deepening their restructuring plans and are going through a period of change they call "strategic." They are using the changes made with the so-called "4.0 Industry" and adaptations of vehicles using an alternative fuel to process their restructuring social plans and leading their attacks on workers in several countries.

The International Labour Network call for an international meeting of unions’ activists and organizations that organize workers in auto parts and manufacturing plants, engineering and automobile distribution networks. We need to discuss some of these topics, to think together about projects / proposals for reconversion of the car industry, to get out of productivism and talk about the environment, the public transit service, etc. But above all, we want to develop a plan of common and international struggles.

We want to continue, with more time, the meeting of the autoworkers that we organized at the last world meeting of the ILNSS in January 2018 in El Escorial, Madrid.

Propositions :
Reports about our workplaces by country and automaker. Build a list of our contacts. Address our challenges and demands. Build solidarity campaigns. Plan a budget according to our means for future meetings. Circulate and publish studies on the auto industry, its future, its reconversion, etc.

Date : November 15-16, 2019
Local : Solidaires National Union Headquarter - Paris

For registration and/or questions :
Marc Tzwangue Solidaires/Sud Industrie France : marcarcueil@gmail.com
Herbert Claros - CSP-Conlutas Brazil : herbert.claros@gmail.com