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jeudi, 11 août 2022



BRAZIL | April 28th – Towards The General Strike

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The entire month of April will be dedicated to protests, actions, stoppages and activities that will conclude on a General Strike on the 28th.

Read the call of the leader of the National Executive Secretariat of CSP-Conlutas, Luiz Carlos Prates, “Mancha”.

A Transportation Workers’ National Encounter on April 6th, in São Paulo, will organize the stoppage in the category. Other categories will also call their own Encounters to organize their participation.

March 31 will also be part of the Federation’struggles common organization, with pamphlets and demonstrations, serving the construction of April 28 under unified flags.

The decision was approved on the afternoon of Monday 27 by CSP-Conlutas, CTB, CUT, UGT, Força Sindical, Intersindical, CSB, CGTV and Nova Central [New Federation].

This strike will be build in every workplace, school, university, neighborhood and also by social movements and youth.

According to the Luiz Carlos Prates, the decision is vital. “It was really important to define the date of A28 against reforms and outsourcing, and the CSP-Conlutas will struggle with all its strength to organize a true General Strike on the rank and file”.

Official release signed by the Federations :

April 28 - Let’s stop Brazil

The Federations call their affiliated unions to organize workers for a stoppage of activities on April 28, as an message to the government that the society and the working class will not accept the proposal of Labor and Social Security reforms nor the outsourcing project -passed by the Chamber- that Temer wants to impose.

In our opinion, it means the dismanteling of Social Security and cut of labor rights guaranteed by the CLT [Consolidation of Labor Laws].

Thus, we call everyone to show their discontent on April 28, supporting the stoppage in Brazil.

São Paulo, 3/27/17.

Adilson Araújo – President of CTB

Antonio Neto
- President of CSB

Edson Carneiro (Indio)
- Secretary General Intersindical

José Calixto Ramos
- President of Nova Central

Luiz Carlos Prates (Mancha) -
Executive Secretariat CSP-Conlutas

Paulo Pereira da Silva (Paulinho)
- President of Força Sindical

Ricardo Patah
- President of UGT

Ubiraci Dantas de Oliveira (Bira)
- President of CGTB

Vagner Freitas -
 President of CUT

by CSP-Conlutas