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dimanche, 3 juillet 2022



BRAZIL | Attacks against unions

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Using the beginning of Carnival as a cover, the Brazilian president, Bolsonaro, has taken a series of “provisional measures” that seek to weaken the labour movement as a whole. In Brazilian law, “provisional measures” are legislative measures that enter into force at the time of their enactment, pending their approval or rejection by the Parliament.

This action confirms Bolsonaro´s aim to attack all social movements and the very principle of the collective organisation of workers. It is not by accident that this measures were adopted at a time in which he has also announced counter-reforms on pensions.

The Brazilian state is willing to undermine the autonomy of the working class, particularly with regards to its organisational choices, its demands, its means of struggle, and its projects for society. In this social war in which they are engaged, Bolsonaro and his allies violate the norms of the Federal Constitution and of the International Labour Organisation !

The member organisations of the International Labour Network of Solidarity and Struggles support the Brazilian unions contesting the attacks against union rights and pension entitlement.