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jeudi, 18 août 2022



BRAZIL | Invitation for the 3rd CSP-Conlutas National Congress

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The CSP-Conlutas will hold its Third National Congress on October 12, 13, 14 and 15, 2017, in the city of Sumaré (80 km from São Paulo).

In 2003, we began to organize a coordination of struggles, which was the embryo of our current trade union and popular central. Hundreds of representatives elected at workers’ assemblies across the country will attend the Congress. Representation of students, black movement, women’s movements, indigenous peoples, LGBTs, among others will also attend the Congress.

It will also be present at the Congress workers who have been at the center of important social struggles in our country in recent years, resisting the neoliberal plans of bosses and governments.

We are going to discuss the political and economic situation in Brazil and in the world, the struggles and organization necessary for the labor and social rights protection, and the strengthening of this united front organization of trade unions and popular movements as well as other allies of the Brazilian working class.

We will also strengthen our relations with other friendly organizations and our internationalist vocation. Your presence will be very important to us. We would highly appreciate your attending to the Congress.

If you opt to attend our Congress, please confirm your interest in : secretaria@cspconlutas.org.br and internacional@cspconlutas.org.br

CSP-Conlutas National Congress Agenda

October 12 / Thursday
9h30am Opening Session
12pm Agenda and Functioning
1pm Lunch
2h30pm Thesis Presentations. Equal time will be guaranteed for each caucus
5pm Workshops on International and National situation, and Action Plan
8pm Dinner

October 13 / Friday
9am Presentation of the International Delegations
10am Panel on the 100th Anniversary of the Russian Revolution
1pm Lunch
2h30pm Panel on CSP-Conlutas character and strategy
5h30pm Voting Session on International and National Situation, and Action Plan
7pm Dinner
8h30pm Congress Official Party

October 14 / Saturday
10am Debate on CSP-Conlutas 11th Anniversary and Challenges for Building a Workers and People’s Federation
1pm Lunch
2h30pm Workshops on Challenges, Bylaws and Leadership
5pm Sectorial Meetings per Industry
7pm Dinner

October 15 / Sunday
9am Voting Session on Bylaws
10am Voting Session on Leadership
11am Closing Plenary
14pm Lunch