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samedi, 28 mai 2022



Black lives matter

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Life of black people and all people subjected to racism counts in the USA as in France and everywhere.

The murder of Georges Floyd by a police officer on May 25 adds to the list of blacks murdered by the police in the United States for years. This has been constantly denounced since 2013 by the Black Lives Matter movement, supported by more and more unions in the United States. Already in 2016, during the historic strike of April 1 by teachers of the CTU union (Chicago Teachers union), the demonstration ended with a meeting during which a representative of the Black Lives Matter spoke to support the teachers who are striving to provide quality education for the poor, black and Latino for a majority of them, while the Chicago police already held a sad record in terms of murders of men and of black women. In a statement after the assassination of Georges Floyd, the CTU said : "We will continue to say #BlackLivesMatter, to demand justice and to question systemic racism". Because it is indeed state racism that we are dealing with here again. Racism denounced by many union organizations in the United States where, for several years, unions have been turning again to social questions which go beyond the corporatist framework alone. In Minneapolis, the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers union explains that 20% of teachers are black while 75% of students are. The union called to join the ongoing protests and support the students who go there. Many other labor organizations have written statements calling for justice for Georges Floyd, including Transit (ATU) Local 1005 (bus), UNITE HERE !, CTUL, the Minnesota Nurses Association (Infirmier-es), the St. Paul Federation of Educators, and National Nurses United.

The murder of Georges Floyd reminds us in a terrible way, with the images of his agony under the policeman’s knee, that racism is structural in the United States, country where the 13th amendment to the constitution, drafted after the American Civil War and the abolition of slavery made it possible to criminalize vagrancy - the fate of slaves freed by slavers - and to punish it with prison terms and ... forced labor ... Nothing has changed, are claiming today protesters all over the country. White supremacists continue to parade with impunity, hoods and white dresses in processions, supported by Trump and his clique. We can not help making the connection today with the conduct of police in other countries. The murder of Adama Traoré in France in 2016 and the latest forensic conclusions of experts - whose medical specialty is far from being related to the causes of his death - reveal a desire to stifle the case, again, and to clear the police of their responsibility. In the United States, the current protests are part of a Covid 19 epidemic, while the poor, black populations of certain neighborhoods are left behind, without care, with a record death rate, also without supplies, but where the police continue to operate with impunity. The police checks, insults and racist violence in the French districts during the confinement of course echo for us what is happening in the United States. The French police also seem to enjoy impunity without real limits, in working-class neighborhoods in the first place.

In France too, black people are victims of racism and are among the most vulnerable populations facing the pandemic. Among them, undocumented people took to the streets, organized within the Solidarity March, for equal rights, housing for all, the closure of detention centers and the regularization of all undocumented migrants. Despite the ban on the Parisian march, thousands of undocumented migrants and their supporters demonstrated or gathered in several cities in France. “I can’t breathe” placards were held up, in solidarity with George Floyd and all those who denounce his assassination in the United States.

Systemic or state racism, call it whatever you want, is a fact in the Western societies, and you must be blind if you ignore it. Meanwhile, this poison continues to spread and kill !

The International Labour Network of Solidarity and Struggle demands justice for George Floyd, for Adama, justice for all the victims of police violence and racism in the world !