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jeudi, 18 août 2022



Brazil - Embraer Workers reject proposal and voted to authorize a strike

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Embraer aerospace workers rejected the 1.73% wage increase proposed by FIESP (Sao Paulo State Industrialists’ Federation) aviation industry sector, which represents the inflation from September 2016 to August 2017.

That decision was taken by workers’ mass meetings by the gates of the three plants of Embraer in Sao Jose dos Campos city.

Workers also demand bargaining to be held directly between the Union and the company. In order to get a better proposal, workers decided to authorize the union to call a strike if the corporation remains intransigent.

Since 2014, Embraer workers have not had wage increase above inflation. Besides, this year the PLR (profit sharing bonus) was the worst since 2009. On October 31st, Embraer paid the PLR related to the first semester of 2017, worth 7.32% over the wages plus R$ 666 (around US$200) fixed.

The Union and the workers know the company has full financial conditions to improve the proposal.