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jeudi, 7 juillet 2022



| Brazil | Enough of Dilma, Temer, Aecio and All Corrupt Capitalist Politicians ! Stand For Labor Rights

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Last March 18, 2016 1,500 General Motors workers in São José dos Campos took the streets. This time their main claim was not for a fair contract and other labor rights. Instead they marched 3km during 2 hours to stand against both president Dilma administration and her rightwing opposition.

Brazilian economy is undergoing a deep recession. The GDP decreased 4% in 2015, and predictions for 2016 follow suit. 1,5 million jobs were lost in the last 12 months. Unemployment is around 10% of all workforce but among the youth it doubles. Inflation is also on the rise. Brazilian CPI is around 10% per year. Labor and social rights are under attack by government officials. On top of unemployment, inflation and the backlash on workers rights, there is a huge corruption scandal linking all mainstream politicians and their political parties to big business – mainly building industry. This is the background for a lowest support ever for a national administration and congressmen.

After siding with the Workers Party administrations (first Lula’s and then Dilma’s) for 13 years, main Brazilian corporations started to call for the impeachment of president Dilma, giving room for the as corrupt Vice-president Temer to become the new president to carry out budget cuts and anti-labor reforms Dilma is committed to but not able to deliver. Dilma supporters call it coup d’etat regardless of anti-labor reforms and billionaire scam her administration is deeply committed to. On the streets hundreds of thousands are demonstrating for and against the impeachment.

CSP-Conlutas, a Brazilian militant labor and people’s federation, rejects both Dilma, Temer together with other anti-labor politicians like Congress presidents Cunha and Calheiros, and the right wing opposition leader Aécio Neves.

On the one side bringing vice-president Michel Temer to presidency after impeachment will not provide any real change. On the other side, the majority of the working class is sick of Dilma presidency, the congressmen and they have the right to demand them to leave. Therefore CSP-Conlutas opposes both as anti-labor alternatives, and calls for a national day of protests in April 1.