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dimanche, 3 juillet 2022



| Brazil | From 1st to 3 July will be hold the International Transport Meeting Against Privatization

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On July 1st, begins the International Workers Meeting and Transportation Workers Against Privatization, that happens in São Paulo, at Union of Subway Workers of São Paulo.

The event, which lasts till July 3, will bring important discussions about the world of transport workers, with panels on the struggle against privatization in Brazil and in Latin America, Africa, the United States and Europe. The discussion will mainly be made between workers in the rail sector, with the participation of movement Rail Without Borders, but also ports and airports, and aims to strengthen international solidarity among workers.
Registrations have final submission deadline on June 21. For delegates of some countries in Europe and the Americas, the guidance is that it’s a visa ascertained, since the Brazilian government exempted some visa countries due to the mega event of the Olympics.
Delegations are already confirmed from Brazilian states as well as entities, central and workers from different parts of the world, such as Argentina, Chile, USA, Portugal, Greece and countries of the continents of Africa and Asia still to confirm. The Union Solidaires, from France, and the CGT, from Spain, partners of CSP-Conlutas and also members of the International Trade Union Network of Solidarity and Struggles, will come with important delegations for the activity, bringing the experience of local struggles against privatization and all that the issue involves and reflects in worker’s lives.
Check out more information on the FOLDER evento, and download the poster HERE.