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jeudi, 7 juillet 2022



| Brazil | Mabe occupied factory workers leaves local after police action

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Movement resistance continues outside the company

On Sunday afternoon (3), workers of Mabe Hortolândia, who occupied the factory since February 15, were surprised by the repossession order. In addition to the militar police, the company has about 50 private security guards inside the factory, after eviction.

Having no reaction time, the workers left peacefully, and in spite of police brutality, these workers stand outside company.

The Hortolandia factory was occupied after the company go bankrupt and for not paying the labor rights of employees. These workers only received the FGTS and unemployment insurance. The money related to vacation, profit sharing, and labor terminations has not been paid. About 2,000 workers are in this situation.

One of these workers is Gelson Coelho, who worked 12 years in the company and he doesn’t accept for being dismissed without his rights and the company just get away with it all. With two children and a wife - that is not working – He survives with the help of friends and relatives. "The company went bankrupt, with the claim of crisis, but after that dirty trick they they are opening another CNPJ (Corporate Taxpayer ID) to continue gaining at the expense of our exploration," said during a demonstration of these workers, held on 3 March.

Mabe is under legal administration and there is evidence that the company reopens with a new CNPJ. However, there is no guarantee that these workers will be rehired.

For the leader of the CSP-Conlutas, Union and Popular Central, that composes the International Union Network of Solidarity and Struggles, Luiz Carlos Prates, now is a moment to cover these workers of solidarity. "The company instead of dialogue with the workers and pay what they owe, acts with truculence with the endorsement of justice and municipal and state governments. The workers occupied the factory in protest against non-payment of their rights. Mabe wants to default on workers and uses as na argument for it its bankruptcy. It is necessary to cover these workers of solidarity and to demand from governments and the company paying the labor rights of Mabe workers, "he said.

Check out the note of support to workers of Mabe :