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vendredi, 27 mai 2022



Brazil : Motion to Repudiate Police Crackdown on Embraer Strikers

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Boeing / Embraer don’t want Collective Bargaining Convention deal and used police forces to crackdown strike. A stressful environment was formed in front of the gates of the plant where armed policemen acted violently against workers and union leaders.

Summoned by Embraer, the State employed methods just seen in dictatorial times to demobilize the aerospace workers on strike. Masked police set up a "gauntlet" for workers to pass. The embarrassment of those who entered the premises was evident.

There was also use of police violence against trade unionists who were in the movement’s organization. Videos recorded on the spot show union official Alex da Silva Gomes being beaten by policemen, even though he was already lying on the floor.

In the face of police brutality, workers suspended the strike action, but they will keep the struggle.

Although it has not actually been sold, Embraer already follows Boeing’s anti-union and repressive policy. A stand that shows what lies ahead.

Embraer aerospace workers demands wage increase and the same labor rights. In the , the company insists on withdraw two important rights of Collective Bargaining Convention :
1 - Job security for workers with occupational illness and
2 - Remove the clause that allows outsourcing in the factory. Workers voted against withdrawing these rights and so went on strike

It is therefore a legitimate struggle that deserves the solidarity of both labor and civilian organizations. The contract concerns only Union, workers and company. It should never be a police affair.

In this sense, it is also necessary to denounce the intransigence of Boeing and Embraer’s management in the negotiations. It has been four years since last time workers had their wages increased above inflation.

Despite the availability of the Metalworkers Union of São José dos Campos, (union that represent all Embraer aerospace workers in negotiations) to do the bargaining, management insists on removing historical labor rights which were won with huge struggles.

Given this scenario, it is necessary to repudiate the behavior of Boeing and Embraer, which uses police violence to attack a legitimate strike movement.

Voir en ligne :
www.youtube.com/watch ?v=j0IeApP5nao