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jeudi, 7 juillet 2022



Brazil : No to the dismissal of 2,500 Embraer workers !

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Embraer, a Brazilian aerospace products company, announced the dismissal of 2,500 people last Thursday 3 September. The dismissals were carried out without any negotiation with the metalworkers’ union of São José dos Campos, in violation of a job preservation agreement signed on 9 April (clause 8.1), precisely in a period of public calamity caused by Covid-19.

The union questioned the voluntary nature of the Voluntary Departure Plan, as many workers complained that Embraer’s managers put pressure on those who were on paid leave to join this "voluntary departure plan". The labour prosecutor is investigating these complaints.

Embraer blames the layoffs on the pandemic, but studies show that the financial difficulties were caused by the mismanagement of the board of directors during negotiations with Boeing. Losses generated by the sales process amounted to R$1.2 billion. Those generated by the pandemic amounted to R$83.7 million.

Over the last two years, Embraer’s management has irresponsibly embarked on a business transaction with Boeing - which finally broke off the agreement in April of this year. If the sale were to go through, it would mainly benefit the US company and its insatiable shareholders, to the detriment of Brazil’s interests and sovereignty. The project having failed, management and shareholders are now shifting the burden of the crisis thus created to the workers.

The union will act to cancel the layoffs. It is unacceptable to lay off workers in the midst of a pandemic. While keeping senior managers at millionaire wages, management is laying off 2,500 mothers and fathers who depend on their jobs to survive.

The metalworkers’ union of São José dos Campos and the region, affiliated to CSP-Conlutas, held meetings on Friday and Saturday, during which Embraer workers approved the union’s proposal against the dismissals and endorsed the strike.

The member organisations of the International Labor Network of Solidarity and Struggles denounce the dismissals. They are in the cruel logic of defending profit in capitalist society. We demand the immediate reinstatement of the 2500 workers. More than ever, the campaign of the metalworkers’ union of São José dos Campos for the renationalisation of Embraer is necessary to save jobs. It is necessary to put Embraer back into the hands of the Brazilian people, saving thousands of direct and indirect jobs in the aeronautics sector, as well as the country’s technological capacity and sovereignty.

Repudiation of layoffs !
For the immediate reinstatement of all those dismissed !

Send the motion to this emails below :
Embraer President CEO - Francisco Gomes Neto : fgn@embraer.com.br
Embraer Human Resources Department : relacoes.trabalhistas@embraer.com.br
Mayor of São José dos Campos city - Felício Ramuth : prefeito@sjc.sp.gov.br
BNDES President – Gustavo Montezano : presidencia@bndes.gov.br
With copy to : secretaria@sindmetalsjc.org.br