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jeudi, 11 août 2022



| Brazil | Quilombola community in Maranhão got an important step forward in the fight for land and justice

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Meeting with Committee of Public Safety, Moquibom, Pastoral Land Commission (CPT) and CSP-Conlutas provides important referrals to quilombo movement

On 30 March, Cruzeiro, in a quilombo territory, in the municipality of Palmeirândia (Maranhão) a quilombo was assassinated by gunmen. With over this tragedy foretold, the community demanded an emergency meeting with the Public Security Bureau and other government sectors, such as the Human Rights Secretariat, the Secretariat for Racial Equality, as well as representatives of the Commission of the Order of Human Rights Lawyers Maranhão and activists of the Pastoral Land Commission (CPT), Moquibom and CSP-Conlutas.

In this meeting, the CSP-Conlutas highlights some important advances for the quilombo struggle in the region, and beyond the meeting, a victory that is the result of movement of the pressure and the community as a whole on the government, which was present on site at next day, the funeral of the quilombo known as Ze Frog.

According to CSP-Conlutas, when representatives of the entity reached the wake around 10 am, there were already too "several nearby local car scheduled for the meeting happen. The delegation of SSP / MA arrived in a helicopter doing a flyover in the city in an attempt to intimidate the gunmen. "

The CSP-Conlutas also reported that during the meeting with the SSP / MA Councilman Paul Michael (PDT) and the mayor of Palmeirândia tried to intervene and made an invitation to another meeting with them and people from the community that they incite to position themselves against Maroons. The secretary of the folder not agreed to participate and asked both to withdraw the site, then the movement demanded the permanence of a grouping of the GOE and Tactical Force during that weekend, "to prevent further attacks on the Maroons, especially after the negative Secretary to the mayor and the councilman and the climate of belligerence in the city. " At the end of the meeting, among decided referrals, community claimed that all civil and military police, "who are acting as" henchmen "of Gentil Gomes farmer were removed from the region from that time and they were open proceedings against them as civil servants and police officers (inquiry and internal affairs), "those responsible for the crime were immediately arrested, to be implemented a special police station for conflict resolution in the region, compensation and protection programs for threatened maroon.

The territory Cruzeiro region is one of the most tense in Maranhao state with the alarming record of more than 140 deaths of Maroons, indigenous and peasants in the last two decades.

Next Quilombo Movement Steps
The Moquibom intends to organize with the black movement, especially the Quilombo Race and Class, Quilombo Urban and CPT, training projects on race within local schools that now function as the Maroons criminalization space.