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samedi, 13 août 2022



Brazil, Thailand and elsewhere : right to free, public and free abortion

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Our class struggle unionism is feminist. In this respect, women’s struggles for the right to freely dispose of their bodies, for free, safe and unrestricted abortion in the public health system, concern us all. And this struggle continues to be relevant today in practically all the states of the planet :
- in countries where the law allows it, the conditions are restrictive ; and like all formal rights, it only makes sense in relation to the real possibility of each person to enforce it ! It is the poor women, the working women, who suffer repression and trials.
- in too many countries, abortion remains illegal ; the law provides for prison sentences for women who have recourse to it.
Everywhere, reactionary groups of all kinds are continually trying to oppose abortion and women’s rights.

In Brazil, abortion is only legal in cases of serious congenital problems of the foetus, danger to the woman’s life or rape. For the latter case, the Ministry of Health has just defined even more restrictive (and scandalous !) rules : medical personnel will be obliged to offer the woman to see the embryo or foetus by ultrasound before the operation ; the woman will have to "tell in detail" what happened and legal proceedings will be brought against her if she cannot prove her claims. Trade unionism, together with other progressive forces, rejects this antifeminist, reactionary and criminal regression : official Brazilian statistics (no doubt underestimated) show that every hour in the country 4 girls aged 10 to 13 are raped.

In Thailand, the right to abortion is just as restrictive ; the law is limited to the same grounds (rape, danger to the woman’s health). But the demand is supported by the popular revolt movement that has been going on for several weeks : "We call for the revocation of the law that punishes women who want to have an abortion. Our bodies belong to us. The decisions we can make about our bodies and our lives belong to us too ! ».

 Women’s right to control their bodies is a fundamental right. It is a structuring element in the construction of equality between women and men. Abortion is a public health problem ; even more so in poor countries.
 The member organisations of the International Labor Network of Solidarity and Struggle demand the right to a free, safe, public and free abortion for all women, including minors. All over the world we support feminist struggles.
 In particular, we call on the organizations that are part of the Network to join the World Day for the Decriminalization of Abortion on September 28, which has been held in different countries since 1990.
 Supporting those who reject the new restrictions imposed in Brazil. Support those fighting for new rights for women in Thailand ! Supporting feminist struggles on all continents !