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samedi, 28 mai 2022



| Brazil | We reject the ambassador appointed by Israel

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We, the undersigned, Brazilian citizens, organizations and solidarity committees with the Palestinian people, reject the appointment, by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, of Mr. Dani Dayan as the new ambassador of Israel in Brazil. Our rejection is based on the actions of the appointed, who clearly have been violated the international law and the most basic rights of the Palestinian people.

Argentine businessman with Israeli citizenship, Mr. Dayan is known as one of the greatest defenders of the Jewish settlements built on Palestinian territory, which have been expanding notably in the West Bank and in East Jerusalem, in occupied Palestine.

The Zionist policy of forced colonization and all that is associated to it, in particular the wall that makes possible the confiscation, by Israel, of Palestinian land, is illegal, according to an advisory opinion of the International Court of Justice (ICJ ) announced on 9 June 2004. At the time, 14 members of the ICJ voted for conviction, and only one member voted against. Finally, the Court reminds the UN member countries to respect the common obligation to avoid negotiations of all kinds with Israel, due to its disregard for international law. The UN General Assembly adopted the opinion of the ICJ by a large majority - 150 countries in favor, including Brazil, and 6 against - implying a consensus humani generis. We remind that the advisory opinions of the ICJ, although has no binding effect or direct effectiveness, establish international law, in accordance to Article 38 (d) of the Institution’s statutes. And the law, even if violated by Israel, remains law.

Mr. Dani Dayan lives in an exclusively Jewish colony built illegally on Palestinian territory - Ma’ale Shomron, in the northern West Bank - and is a defender of the construction and of the expansion of these colonies, clearly violating international law, according to the advisory opinion of the ICJ, approved by a majority of votes (including Brazil) at the UN.

Long before the founding of Israel, in 1948, the actions of the Zionists have been towards the confiscation of the historic Palestine. Today, given the application of this policy, Palestine is formed by a fragmented territory, because of the apartheid and confiscation wall, the settlements and the roads for the exclusive use of Israelis, to which the Israeli authorities prohibit the access of Palestinians.

Mr. Dayan, in an article to The Opinion Pages section of The New York Times on July 25, 2012, entitled "Israel’s Settlers Are Here to Stay", used the term "disputed territory" rather than "occupation" – a Zionist justification to defend their position in taking and keeping Palestinian territories during the Six Day War, in June 1967. Mr. Dayan wrote that Israel has the "impregnable" right to call "home" the West Bank, which he called by the biblical names "Judea and Samaria", a clear allusion to the non-recognition of Palestinian sovereignty.

To Mr. Dayan, the current situation must be maintained and deepened - that is, institutionalizing apartheid, ethnic cleansing, systematic expulsion of Palestinians from their homes and the demolition of many of them, besides the denial of basic human rights for this population - including returning to their land, from which they have been expelled since before 1948, the year of the state of Israel’s establishment, which the Palestinians call Nakba (catastrophe).

In other words, Mr. Dayan openly defending the Zionist project of a homogeneous Jewish state, without Palestinians, throughout historic Palestine.
He spent nearly eight years of his life serving the Israeli occupation forces and, from 2007 to 2013, he presided the Yesha Council, which represents more than 500,000 Israeli settlers illegally established on Palestinian land. Today he is the head of international relations of this council.

The settlers are now the most aggressive face of the Zionist occupation, responsible for a relentless persecution of Palestinians (including children) ; they posed a very threat to Palestinians because they invaded Palestinian sites carrying submachine and machine guns ; they try, day by day, to expulse the Palestinians from their lands, in order to confiscate their homes and properties ; they insist in the destruction of Palestinians’ plantations, mainly olive trees, base of the Palestinian economy – it is estimated that since 1967 the settlers and the Israeli authorities had destroyed more than 800,000 olive trees in Palestine.

A terrifying taste of the terror to which Palestinians are subjected on a daily basis by the settlers was the assassination, on 31 last July, of the baby Ali Dawabsha, only 18 months, burned alive by the action of a settler in the village of Duma, in Nablus, West Bank. It is such people - named terrorist, officially, by the United States - who Mr. Dayan defends.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that the appointment of Mr. Dani Dayan meets his expansion’s policy in Latin America, besides improving the Brazil-Israel relations. According to the media, the new ambassador should take place in October 2015.

We are greatly concerned by the fact that a criminal can be ambassador of Israel in Brazil. We do not want him in our country. Thus, we reiterate our condemnation of this appointment, and took the opportunity to also reiterate our claim to break relations with Israel, in view of the call of Palestinian civil society for boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israel.

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Frente em Defesa do Povo Palestino
BDS Brasil
Comitê Catarinense de Solidariedade ao Povo Palestino
Comitê da Palestina Democrática – Brasil
Comitê de Solidariedade à Luta do Povo Palestino do Rio de Janeiro
Comitê de Solidariedade ao Povo Palestino do Abcdmrr/SP
Comitê de Solidariedade ao Povo Palestino do Ceará
Comitê de Solidariedade à Palestina – Bahia
Comitê Brasileiro em Defesa dos Direitos do Povo Palestino
Anel – Assembleia Nacional dos Estudantes Livre !
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Campanha Free Ahmad Sa’adat Brasil
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Ciranda Internacional de Comunicação Compartilhada
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CSP-Conlutas – Central Sindical e Popular
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Núcleo de Estudos Gamal Abdel Nasser- Centro Universitário Fundação Santo André/SP
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