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jeudi, 11 août 2022



Building internationalism in our daily struggles

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Building internationalism in our daily struggles

For more than six months now, the world has been living at the pace of the Covid-19 pandemic. As we said in March 2020, this pandemic was not created by capitalism, but capitalism is directly responsible for its global spread and the dramatic health and social consequences.

The lack of social protection for a large part of the world’s population - a significant part of which already lives in extreme poverty (food, housing, health, education, ...) -, the attacks on workers’ rights and the destruction of public services in the regions of the world where these rights and common goods exist, all this forms a whole : capitalism, whose principle is the search for profit for a tiny minority, to the detriment of the interests of those who have only their labour power to live.

The COVID-19 pandemic showed how capitalists and their governments could not and/or would not face a health emergency of this magnitude. It was the workers in the workplaces, the people in the neighbourhoods and communes, who took matters into their own hands, created solidarity, invented collective resistance. The trade union movement, the place where our social class is organised, must make these experiences known, support them, and help coordinate them. Since no one works in our place, let no one decide for us !

Women, migrants and colonised peoples have been among the most exposed to the pandemic because they often hold jobs that are very useful to the community. But patriarchy, machismo, racism and colonialism remain. They are encouraged by reactionary forces, which hold state power in many countries. Equal rights for all must not be just a slogan, but a strong guideline for our revolts, respecting the autonomy of each movement.

The pandemic also serves as a pretext for new attacks by capitalists against our social class : calling into question rights previously won by the struggles, generalisation of precariousness, increase of poverty, land grabbing, wars, ... Their methods are diverse, according to local contexts, but have one thing in common : make the people pay !

They don’t care about the future of the planet or the ecological stakes : both those who openly assert it (Trump is their leader, but there are many others), and those who pretend to care but work to maintain the capitalist system which is, by definition, anti-ecological.

Black struggles in the US, workers and student movements in Hong Kong and China, strikes and demonstrations in Belarus, popular revolt in Lebanon, unitary union struggles in Brazil, national days of demonstrations and strikes in France, Italy or the Spanish State, popular canteens in Uruguay, demonstrations in Korea or Japan, The list of our resistances, of struggles for demands and for a radical social transformation is long : there are many others that deserve to be mentioned as well. Our unity is one of our essential strengths. The International Labor Network of Solidarity and Struggles calls for the federation of our struggles, for the construction of a concrete internationalism of workers and working classes ; our Network is a tool for this, available to all.