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mercredi, 10 août 2022



Call and appeal for a European Forum of grassroots trade unionism

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We are forwarding this call by Italian trade unions

In recent years, also due to the pandemic, the deterioration of the living and working conditions of workers has affected the whole of Europe. Unemployment and precariousness have increased social inequalities and concomitant loss of minimum trade union rights.

Beginning in June last year, the majority of Italian grassroots and conflictual trade union organisations felt that a path of united confrontation capable of identifying shared and coordinated strategies and objectives of struggle was unavoidable.
The claim platforms that emerged from this path hadtwomain significant moments : the first was the general strike of 11 October 2021, on which date demonstrations were held in many Italian cities to block redundancies, demand wage and pension increases, protection from inflation, an income for the unemployed, true trade union democracy, safety guarantees in the workplace and the protection of migrant workers.
In the more social spheres we opposed the unblocking of evictions, all gender discrimination, harmful production, large speculative works, military spending and servitudes, while we demanded urgent measures in the areas of health, education, transport and environment protection.

Together we demonstrated against the G20 on 30 October and on 4 December we called a day of protest against the current Italian prime minister, called ’No Draghi Day’.

In March 2022, the Russian Federation’s invasion of Ukraine as a continuation of a conflict hypocritical y ignored by European countries, but already bloody since 2014 in the Donbass region, changed the European and global geopolitical landscape.

The social and economic consequences of the war crisis that for months has marked the clash between Russian and NATO expansionism are inexorably affecting the less well-off social classes throughout Europe while sowing destruction and death among the innocent Ukrainian civilian population, to whomoursolidaritygoes.

The launching by Italy and the EU of a ’War Economy’ characterised by an extraordinary increase in military expenditure for a real co-belligerence and the sending of weapons to Ukraine, as well as hypocritical sanctions with a boomerang effect that mainly affect sectors such as energy, transport and food, have caused an increase in inflation and the high cost of living.

On 20 May 2022, we proclaimed a general and social strike against war, the war economy and the war government, which saw demonstrations in at least 27 cities in our country.

In view of the evidence that political and economic decisions are being taken jointly by the major European governments, that the war and the war economy will last for a long time, we believe that an initial phase of contact for a European confrontation of alternative trade unionism is also necessary on our part in order to jointly assess the possibility of shared and coordinated protest initiatives.

We therefore propose that you participate in an "International Forum of Grassroots Unionism" to be held in Rome on 10 and 11 September 2022 to search for new alliances and perspectives for trade union struggles at the European level.

The invitation is addressed to all interested European trade union organisations and associations that wish to be present in Rome with their delegations, but we also hope for the remote participation of trade union organizations operating in other countries.
On the basis of the adhesions that we hope will arrive as soon as possible, we will provide all logistical and organisational details.*

At the moment : ADL Varese, CIB-Unicobas, COBAS Sardegna, CUB, SGB, USI CIT
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