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mardi, 5 juillet 2022



Call for a world-wide mobilization for climate action, between the 20th and the 27th September

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The earth has already entered a phase of climate emergency. We, the International Labour Network of Solidarity and Struggles, consider that this is a consequence of the current mode of production and consumption, unbridled and inappropriate. It is responsible for putting our survival and risk and is having a devastating effect on the poorest and most vulnerable populations of the world. If our response to this climate emergency is not rapid and forceful enough, millions of people could die and species that are essential to life on earth could become extinct.

Our stand is based on an unquestionable fact : climate change is not the cause. The cause is that system of production, distribution and consumption called capitalism, which is based on the growth of profit for the sake of profit, for the private benefice of a minority. This is the cause and, at the same time, the problem. Consequently, there is no room for ‘fair transitions’ within the capitalist system.

Moreover, the impact of the deterioration of the environment on living conditions is unequally felt depending on social class, sex, place of origin and capabilities. Any transition should confront these hierarchies and defend and acknowledge the most vulnerable people with the greatest attention.

The signature of the EU-Mercosur Agreement contradicts EU’s environmental aims, as it will contribute to the deforestation of the Amazonia, threatening proximity consumption and putting the survival of small farmers at risks. The Treaty has been tailored to fit the interests of the great European transnational agri-food companies, which will not hesitate to destroy the planet in complicity of far-right governments like Bolsonaro’s, which understate while sheltering the destruction of the Amazonia. They are thus threatening the survival and the mode of living of the indigenous communities that are the true owners of the land. The European Union will thus become the greatest champion of free commerce and corporate immunity.

The big corporations and the government of the United States are also putting the Amazonia at risk. Together with China, they are the greatest polluters on earth and the staunchest defendants of the oil industry.

For all these reasons, the ILNSS calls for the mobilization of the working class in support of all civil disobedience and other actions (strikes, demonstrations, and the like) that will take place world-wide in the week between the 20th and the 27th September, together with the youth and other social organisations. It urges workers to defend, from a unionist stand, the distribution of the work-load, the reduction of working hours with the maintenance of wages, and the suppression of fossil fuels. We demand a change in the productive system so that only socially necessary goods are produced. We are convinced that the struggle in defense of the planet is, and must remain, the struggle of the working class against capitalism.