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lundi, 23 mai 2022



Campaign all over the world to denounce the illegal actions of Metalsa

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To the comrades of the CSP-Conlutas 4° Congress

From Buenos Aires, workers in struggle from the Metalsa Argentina S.A factory
salute the Congress. We briefly inform the situation we are living in the factory El
Talar, part of this multinational.

Metalsa, in Argentina, produces chassis for trucks made in the country :
Volkswagen Amarok, Ford Ranger and Toyota Hilux. There are about 1200 metal
workers for the jobs of printing, mounting, painting and logistic.

Since 2014, the Company has been firing union activists, leaders, candidates to
delegates from our opposition group inside the UOM (Metal Workers’ Union),
part of the Federation CGT (General Labor Confederation). This year, they
carried a systematic attack to those against, and that manage to defeat, the hour-

Currently, the Company is ignoring three judicial orders which cannot be
appealed, that force the rehiring of these three workers : Charly Lescano, Nacho
Serrano and Guillermo Palomo. These workers were isolated for over two years
inside the company, without tasks or any concrete job to do, separated from the
rest of the workers, a company policy to difficult or avoid their union work on
the rank and file.

This year, days before the delegates’ election in their respective sectors, they
were banned from entering the factory.

The situation in the Factory, important for its size and economic relevance, is a
true dictatorship of the bosses, with the shameful connivance of the union
leaders, which immorally and going against class principles, in cooperation with
the company, difficult the organization of an internal opposition.

We are carrying out a campaign all over the world to denounce the illegal actions
of Metalsa. The proposal and request we make is for different agents of
Unionism, Human Rights, and all type of organizations, to contact Metalsa
Argentina S.A. or their national Metalsa by any means, as well as the main clients
(Volkswagen, Ford and Toyota), manifesting preoccupation with the situation in
El Talar.

Thank you, and fraternal Greetings from Buenos Aires.

Metalsa Workers in Struggle Group – Lista Azul – UOM
Contact : + 55 011 3933 9802 – Facebook : Trabajadores de Metalsa en Lucha