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jeudi, 18 août 2022



Chile : the popular movement started in 2019 allows victory in the referendum

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While 90.78% of the votes cast were counted, the approval of the principle of a new Constitution, putting an end to Pinochet’s, obtained 78.24%. With regard to the second question, on the body that should draft the new constitution, the option of the Constitutional Convention (all conventioneers directly elected by the people) obtained 79.24 o/o of the votes and the option of the Mixed Convention (a percentage of conventioneers directly elected and another percentage of the National Assembly currently in office) obtained only 21.76 o/o of the votes.

The International Labor Network of Solidarity and Struggle supported and publicised the Chilean popular movement of 2019. We denounced the repression exercised by the government, through its repressive, police, armed and judicial forces. The rejection of Pinochet’s Constitution through this referendum does not solve all of Chile’s social, political, economic and ecological problems. But it is a symbolically very important step for the Chilean social movements that made it possible ... and that will now continue the struggle !