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samedi, 13 août 2022



Coronavirus : colonialism worsens the situation too

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The virus itself is not the product of capitalism ; yet its worldwide propagation and the negligence of many governmental measures clearly are. And, just as this health crisis dramatically affects women due to patriarchy, or migrants due to xenophobia, colonialism makes things worse too.

The populations in still colonised countries endure an additional punishment. In those parts of the world, the whole economy is orientated to meet the needs of colonising countries. That has dramatic impacts in the present crisis : infrastructures, housing, health care centres, food supplies, social facilities, etc., everything is significantly below the level of the people’s needs ! Frequent hand-washing can be tough when there is no water supply. A large section of the population in those countries lives an “ordinary” life in horrendous circumstances ; the health of many of them will accentuate the dramatic consequences of the pandemic.

Governments, bosses and wealthy people from colonizing countries, all together, despise local populations. That can be felt too in these times of worldwide health catastrophe : protective equipment is lacking there (or they are outdated), colonial instructions totally disregard local realities. The health of these places’ population is generally poorer, but the means they are granted are scarce...

Besides, why bringing in the army, like France, which has sent two helicopter-carrying vessels, one to Reunion, the other to Guadalupe, Martinique and French Guyana ? Two military vessels deprived of medical facilities...

With the pandemic, the situation is even more dramatic for populations where the situation is already unbearable in "normal" times, such as in occupied territories like Palestine and all war zones.

Trade unionism advocates for the people’s right to self-determination, social equality, anti-racism. Colonial systems, whatever their forms or names, are just the opposite. That is why the organizations belonging to the International Labour Network of Solidarity and Struggle, reaffirm their will to fight against colonialism, their solidarity with the people in those countries, their demand for freedom for those populations, the immediate availability of all protective means (masks, hydro alcoholic gels, screening tests, etc.) and for specific safety measures linked to the local health status to be implemented.