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samedi, 28 mai 2022



USA | Solidarity with the UAW workers on strike at Volvo Trucks in Dublin (Virginia)

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On Monday, June 7, 2,900 autoworkers at the sprawling Volvo Trucks North American plant at Dublin, Virginia walked off the job joining the picket line. This is the second strike at the plant in less than two months. Workers have also voted down two unacceptable contract proposals by wide margins.

The International Labor Network of Solidarity and Struggles and its affiliated unions and social movements stand in solidarity with the brave workers of the automobile industry on strike at Volvo.

We welcome the strike for taking a stand to end the divisive tiered pay schemes, to stop unsafe and unhealthy work schedules, to increase wages as inflation increases, to safeguard seniority rights, and to defend and improve health care benefits for both current and retired workers under attack by the bosses.

The unity and determination demonstrated by twice by strikers voting down unacceptable contract proposals by overwhelming margins is an inspiration to workers across the world.

Victory to the Dublin, Virginia autoworkers !