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mardi, 5 juillet 2022



England : Solidarity call out, for Percy, UVW leader

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Percy a cleaner at King’s college with 5 years on the job, and a UVW executive committee member, has been sacked after a disciplinary hearing he refused to attend due to observing the government’s social distancing guidelines but which King’s College proceed with anyway in his absence without even letting him know or inviting him to attend via phone.

The hearing would have had 8 people cramped together in a small room in complete disregard of the government’s instructions about social distancing.

Percy has explained the reasons for not attending and asked for the decision to be overturned and the hearing to be reconvened via phone or in person after Lockdown.
However, King’s have scandalously refused this request and have insisted on upholding his dismissal which now leaves Percy out of work and out of pocket.
He will formally appeal but it could take months to hear and deliver an outcome. We will also take King’s to tribunal but that could take over a year.

This is utterly shameless conduct by King’s HR team, led by Nigel Smith, the Head of People Services.

They need to be held to account.

Everyone deserves the right to a fair hearing and should not have that right denied them for respecting the government’s public health guidelines about social distancing. Please repost this and write to Nigel Smith at the following address telling him to reinstate Percy :

This is a possible email to Nigel Smith that some union branches are sending :
"We have heard of some horror stories in the last few days in relation of safeguarding (or not) of workers and the general public but your victimisation of an employee who observed the rules over safe distancing due to Covid-19 is shameless and brutal.
Such irresponsible behaviour needs to be widely known and condemned.
Reinstate Percy now.”