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dimanche, 3 juillet 2022



FRANCE | "Mass demonstrations to the yielding of government" : Solidaires calls for support for Yellow Jackets act

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Solidaires calls on the population and organized movements to strengthen the day of struggle called by the so-called Yellow Vests movement, which takes place this Saturday (12) in France.

Since November 2018, the Yellow Jackets have taken to the streets and roads in France. The movement initially protested against the price of fuel and taxes on the product. But the French’s discontent gained strength - President Emmanuel Macron has a 68 percent rate of popular disapproval - and the stakes call for improvements in the cost of living and other rights.

Check note from the entity below :

Mass Demonstrations to the yielding of government

Solidaires summons everyone and from all the territory, with or without jacktes to, this Saturday, January 12, be there in the 9th Act of the Yellow Jackets and in the events of Saturday that will follow the protest.

Solidaires also stresses the need for a general strike in the public administration, so that workers paralyze both the public and private sectors.

To the mass movement that resists and remains unsatisfied with the crumbs, the government has responded with political speeches and brutal repression.

If the debate is hypothetical, repression is well present. Since the beginning of the movement, 5,339 people have been detained by the police. There are hundreds of protesters wounded by the police, who have all the weapons at their disposal (tear gas grenades, mortar grenades, rubber bullet shots ...).

The announcements of Macron, Phillipe (prime-minister), as well as the speeches of ministers, deputies, and other government supporters did not convince anyone. The movement continues and the government
is weakened. Wealth distribution issues are at the heart of the claims.

We call on everyone to take to the streets to demonstrate for real and concrete victories with our demands : social justice, tax justice, equal rights.

For this we need :
- to be more and more numerous in protests ;
- to discuss together our demands and ways of taking them forward ;
- Work together in the workplaces, in the public administrations to advance our wages and our purchasing power.

Union Syndicale Solidaires stands side by side with yellow jackets and trade union organizations that are willing to fight, at workplaces, in assemblies and on the streets.