Réseau Syndical International de Solidarité et de Luttes

lundi, 29 novembre 2021



For the freedom of workers and trade union activists arrested in Belarus !

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The member organisations of the International Labor Network of Solidarity and Struggle strongly condemn the arrests of activists, mainly from the Belarusian Independent Trade Union (BNP), as well as the persecution of the leaders of the Independent Trade Union of Workers OJSC "Naftan" and other trade union activists who have been arrested in the cities of Navapolatsk, Hrodna and Zhlobin.

We denounce the systematic violation of democratic freedoms and guarantees with the arrests of Olga Britikova, who was arrested and her computer equipment seized, in Navapolatsk, Andrei Berezovsky and Roman Shkodin, BNP Chairman Máxim Poznyakov, Valentin Terenevich, The vice-chairman of the Primary Trade Union Organisation of the BNP in JSC Grodno, Azot, who works at the "Khimvolokno" factory, BNP members Andrei Pogerilo and Uladjd Uladj Zhuravko, without specifying the real reasons for this measure, Aliaksandr Gashnikov was arrested in Zhlobin. We also denounce the attack on the Navapolatsk trade union office which was thoroughly raided.

The action of the regime of Alexandr Lukashenko is directed against the independent fighters who are struggling. That is why we declare our solidarity with the persecuted trade union activists, for the freedom of those detained, for their right to speak freely and express their opinions, and for the annulment of the charges and convictions.