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jeudi, 11 août 2022



| France | International solidarity to general strike against the Labour Code

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A French general strike for 28 April is called by CGT, FO, Solidaires, FSU, CNT F, CNT SO, UNEF, UNL and LDIFs workers, students and social movements.

The strike and mobilisations are against the Labour Code, which means yet more attacks on workers inside the EU. The Labour Code will mean removing the 35 hour limit, making it far easier to sack workers, give companies greater powers to cut working hours and reduce pay and while this is going on using the state of emergency to arrest workers who are fighting closures and sackings

Since March 9 several days of action, strikes and demonstrations were organized. The highlight of this mobilization was, without doubt, the one-day strike from March 31, during which no fewer than 1.2 million people marched through the cities of France.

In the course of these demonstrations and actions under the pretext of the state of emergency, police forces multiplied provocations and arrests of militants. This repression is broken, and not by chance, but in a special way about the youth which massively participate in the mobilization. Although the government, again, used force and criminalization to discredit the social movement.

It is now time to expand the protest movement and within the planned agenda of demonstrations in April, there have been on Tuesday 5th and Saturday 9th April, with organized calls to occupy public places, which gives continuity to this movement and a strong involvement from the rank and file of the demonstrators and strikers.

The demand for Thursday April 28, with a call made by seven organizations to the general strike

"No negotiable no modififcations ’withdrawal the Labour Code ! "

The International Labour Solidarity and Struggle Network, call on the trade union movement and social movement across the world to show solidarity by :

1) Sending your solidarity greetings to Solidaires and all the struggle organisations
2)Protest outside French Embassy and Consulates on April 28

International Solidarity !

Organizations members of International Labour Solidarity and Struggle Network