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jeudi, 16 septembre 2021



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Build solidarity actions with the French struggle. Here is a recent letter from Solidaire union federation. They are showing us the way to fight the anti-trade union laws and other injustices here.

United, we continue until victory ! This week a series of renewable strike actions started in the railway sector, oil refineries, and road transport. In addition to these national professional sectors, there are local strikes in many other sectors (trade, construction, industry, postal services, the cultural sector, health, ports , etc.). The Public Services Unions (CGT, Solidaires, FSU) are also considering continuous industrial action. The events of 19th of May have gathered hundreds of thousands of people. The night rallies (“Nuit Debout”) are being held throughout France and blockades are being carried out in many cities.

The majority of the population disapproves of the proposed Labour Law
Contrary to governmental propaganda, the movement remains strong. But it is not yet strong enough to win ! And this is what is at stake over the course of the next few days. The struggle continues !

Unity for Victory !
We will not be divided : yes, it is unfortunate that the CGT opposed the renewal of the SNCF rail strike pas Thursday, but it is a different division of the CGT that is responsible for the blockades of 7 of the 8 oil refineries since that same day. The union Solidaires is based on an inter-unionism that brings together CGT, FO, Solidaires, FSU and youth movements, with local unions that are often much larger, on the call “We Block All” launched by the unions CGT, Solidaires, CNT-SO, CNT, FO, LAB, CFDT, and also Nuit debout.

The State is violent and repressive
The trade union Solidaires once again condemns the police violence and the repression (arrests and detentions) of protestors, as well as against union organisations : after ransacking the CNT branch in Lille a few weeks ago, yesterday it was the offices of Solidaires Ille-et-Vilaine that were raided !

The 26th of May, Before and After, the strike continues and grows in strength !
The National Inter-professional Inter-union calls once again for a day of strikes and protests Thursday 26th of May. The trade union Solidaires supports all workers already carrying out continuous industrial action and calls to strengthen and reinforce the movement wherever possible. The same goes for the national strike of 14th of June : for the trade union Solidaires, it is not a question of burying the movement ; but rather, to extend and strengthen the strike action. Let’s give ourselves what we need to in order to ensure the withdrawal of the proposed Labour Law and ensure that our demands are included rather than those of the bosses.

The faster our actions bring the economy to a stand-still and affect the profits of the directors and shareholders, the faster we will win !

Via Solidaires