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jeudi, 18 août 2022



France : support for the strike by RATP staff on 19 November

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Passenger transport workers in all countries are among those who have been directly confronted with the serious social and health situation related to the pandemic and its management by capitalists and the governments that serve them. In many parts of the world, this second half of the year is marked by strong antisocial attacks. Workers in the metro, and more broadly in public passenger transport, are targeted by such capitalist attacks in several countries. Collective movements, rallies and strikes are taking place.

In France, the staff of the RATP (Régie Autonome des Transports Parisiens : metro and bus in the Paris region) will be on strike on 19 November. Several trade union organisations, including Solidaires RATP, a member of our international coordination, are calling for a strike, unanimously. It is a question of refusing the decrees that the government plans to allow the transfer of RATP personnel to private companies. These would be social setbacks of several decades, in terms of working conditions, remuneration, social protection, holidays, rest, working time, social protection, status...

The International Coordination of Metro Trade Unions supports the RATP unions calling for a strike on 19 November ; we stand in solidarity with our RATP colleagues ! Beyond State borders, our struggles are ha common, our collective organisation must be common : together, we are stronger and stronger.