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samedi, 13 août 2022



Free Salah Hamouri, Free Palestine !

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In Israel, people can be arrested just for being Palestinian

Both Palestinian and French, Salah Hamouri has already spent close to seven years in Israeli prisons for a crime that never hapenned and that he never intended to commit. During that period, French authorities made every effort possible to free the Israeli and French soldier Gilad Shalit held by Hamas in Gaza, but they did very little to obtain the liberation of Salah Hamouri.

He was eventually released from prison in 2011, but Israeli authorities continued to harrass him, preventing him to enter the West Bank, and preventing his (French) wife to enter Palestine, as she was about to give birth to their first child, and up until now.

Last night, the Israeli army came to arrest Salah Hamouri once again, and put him in jail, without any charge.

This denial of justice is a political move of the Israli government that is otherwise losing support throughout the world. Israel tries to intimidate Salah Hamouri, 32 years old, who has always been a very eloquent activist denouncing their occupation and colonisation of Palestinian lands.

As an answer to this despicable move, the International trade union network of solidarity and struggle demands the immediate and unconditionnal liberation of Salah Hamouri !

The civil society around the world must mobilize strongly, to put pressure on the Israeli government and the French government : Freedom and Justice for Salah Hamouri, Freedom and Justice for Palestine !


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