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vendredi, 3 décembre 2021



Freedom to Boiketlong 4 activists immediately !

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We learned that four community activists Dinah Makheta, Sipho Mangane, Dan Molefe and Pulane Mahlangu were sentenced to 16 years in jail last April 21st 2015.

All of them are part of the collective leadership of the community of Boiketlong who have carried out a struggle for proper homes and facilities as water, sewage and electricity.

Our understanding is that no struggle for better living conditions should be criminalized, and no one in that struggle should be sentenced. Any repression or arrest is a Human Rights breach.

We ask South African authorities to place the necessary efforts to revise that unfair sentence and to set all the Boilektong 4 free immediately !

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Please, join this campaign and send this message to :

Mr Jacob Zuma President of Republic of South Africa - president@presidency.gov.za
Mr TM Masutha Minister of Justice and Correctional Services of Republic of South Africa - Communication@dcs.gov.za