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mercredi, 10 août 2022



French trade unions in solidarity with the Ukrainian people

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Our friends from Solidaires and CGT arrived in Ukraine after overcoming many obstacles, including many hours to cross the border, but they sought to bring humanitarian aid to the Ukrainians, as well as sincere expressions of solidarity with the trade unions and all Ukrainians who are fighting today for the independence of their homeland.

"We suffer as much as you do and we stand side by side in your struggle," said Pierre Coutaz , head of the international department of the CGT, the General Confederation of Labour, one of France’s largest trade unions, addressing the representatives of the Federation of Trade Unions of Ukraine and Transcarpathia. He noted that all French national trade unions support Ukraine, as well as Ukrainian trade unions in the struggle against the Russian aggressor.

In the face of this tragedy, our organisations, unanimously condemning the invasion of the Russian regime, have decided to join forces to make our solidarity more effective. This work is being carried out jointly with the Ukrainian trade unions, which are informing their comrades of the needs, particularly in the various places where refugees and displaced persons are being received and in the areas most affected.
An inter-union solidarity convoy for Ukraine has been set up in. Hundreds of trade unions and trade union activists across France are contributing financially to the needs of the Ukrainians, and company unions are receiving donations from the French. This allows us to transport everything we need to Ukraine : food, hygiene products, medicines, clothes, household appliances, etc. This time our brothers handed over a new Renault bus to the Ukrainian unions for humanitarian work.

Vasyl Andreev, vice-president of the FPU, Ivan Zelinsky, president of the Transcarpathian Trade Unions, on behalf of all Ukrainian allies, thanked the French brothers and sisters for their courage and unwavering stand in solidarity with the Ukrainians. "We are very grateful for your attitude towards us, for what you have already done and are doing for Ukraine," said Vasyl Andreev. "You demonstrate the effectiveness of trade unions and we are proud of our friendship, this demonstration of workers’ solidarity !"

In turn, the French friends delivered humanitarian aid to refugees who were forced to flee their homes because of the war started by the Russian aggressor and who had found temporary shelter in union sanatoriums. One of them is the "Karpaty" clinical sanatorium, which is part of the PJSC "Ukrprofozdorovnytsia" and is located in the Mukachevo district of the Zakarpattia region.

Long live trade unionism and international solidarity !

Nowadays, these slogans are full of concrete meanings and noble acts for our common victory !


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