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jeudi, 18 août 2022



Full support to the U.S GM workers’ strike

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The General Motors workers’ strike in the U.S, since Sunday, September 15,
deserves full solidarity. Comrades are in struggle for better wages, profit sharing,
accessible health plan, labor safety, among other demands.

Despite the increase in profits, the Company refuses to negotiate with the Union
(UAW). In 2018, the GM accumulated 11.800 million of profits. In the second
trimester of 2019, GM registered the increase of 1.2% of net profit, adding 2.400
million dollars in this short period.

The strike represents the struggle of over 49 thousand workers against the harsh
consequences of the restructuration processes implemented by GM, especially
layoffs and pauperization of working conditions. Those same attacks are taking
place in other countries, and need to be fought.

Recently, in Brazil, GM fired workers from the factories in São Caetano do Sul and
São José dos Campos, as well as in the testing ground in Indaiatuba.

The CSP-Conlutas delegates send solidarity to this important U.S and South
Korea GM workers’ struggle. We are against the attacks as a consequence of the
restructuration process of this multinational company across the world.