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lundi, 23 mai 2022



GERMANY | Amazon workers’ strike movements

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On Monday, April 15, workers at the Amazon warehouses in Bad Hersfeld, Koblenz, Rheinberg and Werne went on strike, followed Tuesday by workers from Leipzig and then Graben. The aim of the movement is to maintain social pressure until the Easter weekend, a good time for the Amazon group

The Workers, together with the Ver.di union, are demanding that Amazon apply the collective agreement on retail and mail order sales while the multinational applies the collective agreement on logistics.

The issue of collective agreements is central to Amazon, the French management of the group for example also seeks to impose a collective agreement that is more favourable to it in order to achieve more profits.

For their part, workers are organizing themselves, in Poland it is a moratorium against the managerial practice of feedback that was won, last July, a concomitant work stoppage movement was built between warehouses in Spain, Germany and Poland, while in March workers at the Shakopee, Minnesota warehouse organized a strike movement to obtain better working conditions. At the last transnational meeting in Poznan, warehouse workers from Germany, Poland, Spain and France, as well as support activists from Germany, Italy and Sweden, expressed their solidarity with the Minnesota movement.

Transnational coordination is an appropriate means for self-organization of Amazon workers, the member organisations of the International Labour Network of Solidarity and Struggles give their full support to the striking Amazon workers.