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Wednesday, 26 January 2022



Grassroots unions strike together: major cities and airports blocked

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A great day of struggle and mobilisation throughout the country today! The general strike called by the grassroots unions was a great success, with tens of thousands of workers taking part in the demonstrations.

The strike was called: against the policies of the Draghi government, against redundancies, for a freeze on evictions, for safety at work, for real wage increases, against job insecurity, against the oppressive use of the green pass.
The unity of the struggle represents the added value that has given great strength to the mobilisation and has facilitated the adhesion to it of a large number of political and social realities, spurring everyone to continue on this path.

Protests and demonstrations in all the main Italian cities.
Processions with thousands of workers went through the cities paralysing the traffic for many hours. Strikes on public transport affected all the main cities Milan Turin Rome Venice Florence Naples Catania Palermo Bologna. Air transport was blocked in particular in the main airports Milan Rome Venice Catania Bologna. Alitalia cancelled 200 flights. In Milan, the demonstration started in front of the Confindustria (Confederation of Italian Industry) to underline its anti-grassroots and anti-worker role and ended in front of the prefecture where a meeting with government representatives was held, as in many other cities. In Venice, local transport and many ferries were blocked.

This day of struggle represents the birth of a social opposition capable of taking to the streets and breaking the idyll between the bosses and the Draghi government supported by the big newspapers and the chorus of the parties.