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mercredi, 18 mai 2022



Great-Britain : solidarity with the GOSH hospital security strike

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executive committee of UVW - United Voices of the World.

Our union and our workers have just been attacked by the High Court here. During a strike process by a security guards section of the GOSH Hospital - Great Ormond Street Hospital that has more than 40 days with picketing and protests outside the hospital, the High Court banned the union from any demonstration within 200m of the site, there can be no posters, pickets, flags, absolutely nothing less than 200m from the site.

The union will file a challenge in court on Wednesday. At the same time, we are taking other initiatives, such as organizing a demonstration in front of the High Court, presenting petitions to the Justice and demonstrations by unions and popular organizations against this arbitrariness. This is an attack on all trade unions and grassroots movements in the UK.

We would like to know if we can get statements in short videos (no more than 1 minute) in repudiation of this attack on the labor and popular movement here and in solidarity with the GOSH hospital security strike.

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