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samedi, 28 mai 2022



HKCTU chair, Carol Ng, arrested for allegedly breaching the national security law Call for HKSAR government to cease political suppression now

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Carol Ng, chairperson of Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions (HKCTU), was arrested home today (6 Jan) by the national security department of the local police and alleged to have committed the crime of subverting the state power under the national security law (NSL).

Arrested together with Ng today were at least 50 more democrat activists. This is the largest political purge against the democrats since the enforcement of the NSL.

The regime claimed that these people had participated in the pro-democracy primaries last year, in order to win the most seats from the Legislative Council election, and force compromise from the regime towards the public demand for political reform with the veto power, which the Basic Law entitles to the lawmakers, of the budget. This is an absolutely absurd political prosecution. People get labelled as violators of the NSL for simply exercising constitutionally compliant rights. It shows that this evil law is tailor made for suppressing the democratic movement in Hong Kong only.

The pro-democracy primaries, held in last July, were well received by the Hong Kong society. More than 600,000 Hong Kong people voted in person. Various fractions in the democratic camp set aside differences and stood together as well, so that the public opinion of Hong Kong was revealed.

Terrified by the power of people, the government cancelled the Legislative Council election in last September with the pandemic as the excuse ; the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress extended the terms of office of the legislators by appointment instead. It is now getting merciless in trying to cleanse the participants of the primaries and hostile to Hong Kong people. It is no different from the Formosa Incident, in which the dissidents were put on trial in Taiwan massively in 1979.

Since the introduction of the NSL, the regime has put pressure on Hong Kong people endlessly. Peers, who fight for the future of Hong Kong, have been imprisoned or exiled one by one. Professionals have been purged one following another. The tricks of political persecution have become more furious and violent.

However much crackdown we face, HKCTU will nevertheless never give up. Even though the institutions are trampled on and the rule of law perishes, we will save us in various ways, achieve solidarity between all democratic forces in the civil society, and continuously endeavour to safeguard Hong Kong.

The series of suppressions only mean to us that the struggle is not over yet. We struggle till our last breath.


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