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jeudi, 7 juillet 2022



Hong Kong : Free trade unionist Winnie Yu and her co-accused !

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On March 8, public hospital unionist Winnie Yu is being sent back to prison.NPlaced in pre-trial detention in February 2021, she had been granted bail five months later. Her bail has now been arbitrarily revoked on the grounds that Winnie Yu sold handicrafts and coffee at Lunar New Year in order to support herself and the legal costs of her upcoming trial !

Fired from her job, Winnie Yu is scheduled to appear in court on April 28 with 46 other activists of quite the whole spectrum of the opposition. They are accused of having participated in an "opposition primary" prior to the legislative elections.

Among the trade unionists currently imprisoned are Lee Cheuk-yan and Carol Ng, former leaders of the disbanded HKCTU.

As for Winnie Yu, the authorities do not forgive her for having been the president of the HAEA union, which organized a five-day strike in public hospitals at the beginning of 2020, forcing the authorities to finally take some measures against the Covid pandemic.

We demand from the authorities in Beijing and Hong Kong :
- the immediate release of the imprisoned activists,
- the end of legal proceedings against them.