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Hong Kong : Trade unions front, the way to struggles

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HKCTU statement on InternationalWorkers’ Day 2020

From the early summer to the bitter winter of 2019, Hongkongers fought an unprecedented battle, reigniting the struggle against tyranny, which we called ‘the revolution of our times’.

After the Umbrella Movement, Hongkongers witnessed a low in the democratic movement, the vicious onslaught on Hong Kong’s democracy and rule of law by the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the disqualification of democratically elected legislators, the political-economic regime continues to suppress Hongkongers.

In the year of 2019, Hongkongers learned to unite peaceful and militant protesters, learned to respect various strategies, and constantly raising the bar for social movement progressiveness.
However, this is not indiscriminate compliance as we realized that unity is the only way to confront the CPC. We are united to defend the dignity and freedom of Hong Kong people, reclaiming the rights of the people from the regime and its beneficiaries.

The CPC under Xi Jinping has responded ruthlessly to the people of Hong Kong. The Hong Kong communist regime suppressed defiant Hongkongers with a heavily armed police force.
Since June 2019, police violence and abuses of power are rampant in Hong Kong, revealing the repressive nature of CPC’s rule over Hongkongers.
Up to the present, countless youth sacrificed their lives for the movement, also there are many unnamed martyrs. A lot of brave activists were forced into exile.
All of which are the evil consequences of CPC’s rule.

Not only have Hongkongers’ means of struggling evolved, but our minds have also been armed. In the revolution of our times, the nature of all social movements has changed.
Hongkongers should never endure police violence, and must not allow the ’dirty-cops’ to become a privileged class, being exempt from legal sanction throughout their lifetimes.

The spirit of ‘the revolution of our times’ has embedded in the daily lives of Hongkongers. Multiple battlefronts have been developed, the prototype of a universal resistance has been formed :
- in the economic front, the resistance relies upon the ‘yellow economic circle’ ;
- in the community front, there are communal politics ;
- in the international front, there are overseas lobbying and monitoring ;
- on the streets, there are resistances as well as Lennon walls.

Naturally, the battlefront at workplaces counts on resistance from trade unions
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