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jeudi, 7 juillet 2022



Hong Kong : solidarity with Lee Cheuk Yan and all HKCTU trade unionists !

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The member organisations of the International Trade Union Network of Solidarity and Struggles became aware of the arrest, at dawn on Friday 28 February, of Lee Cheuk Yan, Secretary General of the HKCTU Central Trade Union.

Although he was released on bail, his arrest was arbitrary and outrageous. The power intends to put pressure on independent trade unionism, with a view to aligning the lack of democratic freedoms with what exists in mainland China. He will be brought before the court on May 5 for “illegal assembly”.

Member organisations of the International Trade Union Solidarity and Struggle Network support the popular revolt in Hong Kong. In Hong Kong as in continental China, we stand in solidarity with those who defend their rights and in particular with all those who support independent trade unionism, despite the repression of power.