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samedi, 28 mai 2022



In Brazil, Bolsonaro has a criminal position against Coronavirus pandemic

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It is necessary, and possible, to defend lives, jobs and rights !

On February 25, Brazil registered the first case of being infected with the new Coronavirus.

Since then, we have suffered from an increasing number of new infections and deaths.

But Bolsonaro government has adopted terrible measures, which go against the recommendations given by the World Health Organization, and has benefited employers and businessmen.

Bolsonaro defended, in a national statement, the end of the main preventive measures against Covid-19.

The ultra-right president defended the suspension of the quarantine decreed in schools, businesses and restrictions on crowding and social confinement.

Bolsonaro’s position has no scientific or technical basis. With the false argument that it is necessary to contain “panic and hysteria”, in practice, it guided the national network that the population should stop taking care to prevent the proliferation of the coronavirus, which has already killed around 25 thousand people across the world.

In Brazil, until the afternoon of March 27, the official number of deaths is 77 and exceeded 3 thousand infected.

It is worth noting, however, that these numbers are underreported according to several experts. According to one of the most experienced pulmonologists in Brazil, from Fiocruz, Margareth Dalcomo, many people killed by Coronavirus in the public health system do not receive the diagnosis.

For CSP-Conlutas, the wealthy who say it is necessary to choose between saving lives or saving the economy and jobs lie shamelessly. For the policy of Bolsonaro and businessmen is not to guarantee jobs, not least because the measures they defend are to dismiss and reduce rights. They just want to defend their profits at the cost of the deaths of thousands of people and attacks on living conditions.

It is necessary to prohibit layoffs, decree job stability, protect wages and rights, guarantee income for informal workers, extend unemployment insurance, finance for small traders and entrepreneurs, planned production of production for the manufacture of products, medicines and equipment for combat the pandemic, among others. Just manage the country’s resources in defense of life, jobs, not profits.

CSP-Conlutas and its affiliated entities have followed a program in defense of the working class, demanding from companies and governments job stability and not removing the rights of workers.

Popular movements linked to the Central also launched a specific program for those who live in occupations and on the outskirts, which in the face of this epidemic, will be the most affected, with the lack of basic sanitation and structure in these locations.

This system must be stopped. Workers need to take their place in this struggle. Let’s stay at home, don’t work, stop the country. Capitalism is irrational. A system that does not guarantee the lives of children and the elderly deserves to die ! Outside Bolsonaro and Mourão.