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Miércoles, 20 de febrero de 2019



In January 2018, the 3rd International Meeting of the RSISL will be held in Madrid, Spain

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The organization of the working class against the attacks of the neoliberal governments does not stop in 2017. At the beginning of 2018, the internationalist struggle of the CSP-Conlutas gains strength with the 3rd International Meeting of the ILNSS (International Labour Network of Solidarity and Struggles) that will take place on 25 to 28 of January, in Madrid, Spain.

Respecting the construction of the Network - founded in 2013, in France - in note of disclosure of the event, it is stressed that, being a "product of years of exchange and joint work between several of the founding organizations", some common points discussed In the last international meeting, which took place in June 2015, in Campinas, São Paulo, they will be resumed so that they can be deepened and put into practice.

Issues of the LGBT struggle, against machismo and other forms of oppression will be discussed from the experiences presented from different parts of the world, as well as discussing colonialism, its consequences, migration, repression and self-management.


Date: January 25-28
Location: Casa Ejercicios San José
Address: Avenida Reyes Católicos No 12, El Escorial 28200 (Madrid)


13h: arrival
13:30: lunch
15h: opening, network balance, introduction of each delegation
20h: dinner


9 - 11: Debates: migration, repression, self-management, anti-colonialism
11 - 11:20: pause
11:30 - 13:30: current Juncture ,debate
13:40 a 14:40: lunch
14:45 - 16:15: current Juncture , conclusions
16:20 – 16:30: pause
16:30 - 20:30: sector tables: railways (Red Ferrocarril sin Fronteras), education, automobile,health, telemarketing, commerce and service, mail and telecommunications, etc. (to be completed )
21: dinner


Empowering women to be the representatives.
9 - 13:45 and 15:10 - 19
Women. Tables for each content section

  • Feminist Economy and Care
  • Abortion
  • Sexism in the union movement
  • Why the fight against sexism is a struggle of the working class
  • Precariousness in the labour market: differences in salary, imposed part-time contracts
  • Gender violence and/or sexist violence. LGBT discrimination.

14 - 15: lunch
19 - 21: continuation of migration, repression, self-management, colonialism and sectors if needed
21: lunch


9 - 12:30: Presentation of the resolutions, decisions and global declaration of