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dimanche, 3 juillet 2022



International Solidarity General Motors autoworkers strike in US

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We, all organizations of International Labour Network of Solidarity and Struggle, express our support and solidarity to GM autoworkers in the US on strike for fair wages, affordable health insurance, profit sharing, job security and other important claims.

The restructuring imposed by the company has caused huge losses to workers. Thousands of workers are mobilizing on pickets and taking their own hands in the conduct of this strike. We express full support for this strike and the UAW members that is ahead of the pickets line and the struggle for resistance in defense our rights.

Also at this time, some GM plants around the world, there are struggles against restructuring plans such as South Korea, Mexico, Colombia and Brazil. International solidarity for all mobilizations around the world is important.

The demands of our North American GM counterparts are just and we want strength in the strike pickets line. We will do everything possible in active solidarity with this movement to make it victorious !

International solidarity with GM autoworkers in the USA !
Against restructuring plans, plant closures and layoffs around the world !