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samedi, 28 mai 2022



International solidarity with the Iranian people in struggle !

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Once again, the Iranian regime is brutally repressing the people of this country, which is coming together, manifesting and fighting for freedom and justice. The recent movement was triggered by the 300% increase in the price of fuel and its impact on the prices of many other products. That is why Iranian women and men have been on the streets since November 15th.

This movement against the worsening of poverty and for the freedoms is the continuation of the movement that has led, for years, by those who struggle for trade- unionism in Iran, who organize the defence of the workers ... and who pay for it constantly, by dismissals, intimidation, arrests, torture and also death. It is also in the wake of the women’s movement launched in May 2017.

Since the first day of this popular movement, the government wanted to cut off Iranians. He tries to prevent international solidarity and hide the bloody repression and cover up the facts. There are more than 100 deads in twenty cities of the country ; there are many wounded, hit by the bullets of the so-called security forces. And this information is fragmentary, given the Internet cut-off by the regime.

The members of the International Labor Network of Solidarity and Struggle support the Iranian people’s movement, including the trade unionists who struggle for years. Those who protest in Iran to :
• fight against expensive living and unemployment,
• denounce corruption,
• claim the right to organize freely, including trade unions,
• Advocate for women’s rights, including removing the obligation to wear the veil,
• demand the release of all political prisoners, including trade unionists,
• call for the abolition of the death penalty (applied in particular for homosexuality or opposition to the regime)

In each of our countries, the member of the International Labor Network of Solidarity and Struggle make known the situation of the Iranian people : to fight the censorship imposed by the Iranian regime, and for the necessary internationalist solidarity.